Charlottesville, Virginia’s The New House Company

The people who work with The New House Company tend to operate as a team of highly qualified and experienced brokers and realtors who all realize that their clients have to come first of they’re to be at all successful. They seem to accomplish that most of the time. In fact, they care about clients so much that many of them become neighbors and friends. A lot of that is probably because these highly professional folks work hard to take as much stress as possible out of the real estate buying and selling process.

And let’s be honest; there are few things more stressful than dealing with real estate from any perspective and at any level. One reason for that is because there is a constant fluidity to any real estate market and timing is a key element for both buyers and sellers. For that matter, even landlords and renters have to be able to time the market to get the best deal a lot of the time. Because they have all been working in the market for many years, the pros at The New House Company have seen nearly everything, which means there are few situations that they cannot deal with, whether it has to do with real estate sales, leasing, or even management.

For clients, this level of expertise means, if they have a need of any kind, it is likely that The New House Company can satisfy them and make them happy. That is, after all, why Katie Corish founded The New House Company in 1981. She was considered to be a top-notch problem solver and if there was one thing the Charlottesville, Virginia real estate market needed at the time was a problem solver. The market was hard for both buyers and sellers and everyone in the process saw their stress levels increase. The New House Company has become a leader because they lessen the stress.

The New House Company’s extension of several services

From Charlottesville, Virginia, the housing market can discover a one-stop shop at The New House Company. Purchase, sale, investment, leasing; the business extends all of these real estate services to anyone and everyone seeking professionals in the field. Since the company’s founding in 1981, The New House Company has welcomed individuals to use its services as it best sees fit to meet needs, which often includes using multiple services over several years — for example, selling a purchased property following years of leasing through the trusted business team. In the company’s 30 years, they have enthusiastically worked with many sales clients as investment clients or tenants as buyers, and look forward to doing the same with future clients as well.

Founded by Katie Corish in 1981, the business goal aimed toward bringing together these vastly different segments of the real estate market — and that goal was absolutely realized at The New House Company. Individuals have utilized the business for renting or leasing a property or becoming a tenant, for buying or selling a home, or for investment pieces in the Charlottesville area, including allowing The New House Company to conduct care and maintenance for those properties. Although Corish’s dream was realized, she passed away in 2015. Today, it continues under trusted leadership and individuals who worked alongside her during her own leadership of the company.

Profile: The New House Company

Back in 1981, Katie Corish founded The New House Company because she saw a problem and her experience at solving problems took over. She noticed that there were many inconveniences in the Charlottesville, Virginia real estate market for both buyers and sellers. She wanted to create a firm that made the process easier, which is why The New House Company is now known as a real estate leader. They assist people on all sides of every transaction in a way that reduces the stress of most real estate transactions.

The New House Company is now a firm composed of a great many experienced and knowledgeable brokers and realtors who realize that any real estate market features constant fluidity. Perhaps you are a buyer who wants to sell. Maybe you’re a renter who wants to buy. Perhaps you’re considering becoming a landlord. Regardless of your needs, the experienced pros at The New House Company can help. They are highly trained and they have kept up with the market all along, which means they know every aspect of the real estate industry. Just as importantly, they are ready, willing and able to take the stress out of buying, selling, and renting real estate for everyone involved.

The New House Company’s Primary Goal of Helping People

Katie Corish founded The New House Company in 1981 as a company that could fill the need of problem solving in all areas of the real estate market. Corish loved finding common ground and effective solutions for both buyers, sellers and renters alike. That very specific love of problem solving is how The New House Company came to be, but the primary goal of helping people is what has kept the company going. The New House Company thrives on providing services that are truly beneficial to their clients. Give them a call and see why their clients often become friends and keep coming back for their excellent service.

The New House Company Meets Their Client’s Needs

Meeting the needs of their client’s is the goal of The New House Company. This is why they have positioned themselves to fill the needs of the real estate market no matter what the situation. Whether it be buyers now wanting to sell, renters now wanting to buy or sellers now wanting to rent. The New House Company has over twenty years of experience in the real estate industry, and their staff is prepared and eager to help you with anything from sales listings to rental property management to leasing agreements.

Established in 1981, The New House Company founder, Katie Corish, discovered a missing link in the real estate market and that link was the ability to problem solve. Corish felt passionate about finding common ground and beneficial solutions for both buyers and sellers alike and in that passion is where The New House Company was born. Corish knew that a full service real estate company would give her the opportunity to truly help people achieve their real estate dreams by approaching issues with a problem solving attitude.

Their customers know that they are going to be treated not just as clients, but as friends. The New House Company’s staff understands the stress and emotional upset that is often involved in home buying, selling, and renting and they use their knowledge and positive energy to keep their clients coming back.

Charlottesville, Real Estate, and New Houses

If you have a property you want to sell or rent in the Charlottesville, VA, area, then there are plenty of options for you. However, if you want to have someone else do the work that is involved in selling or renting out a property and still have them treat it as if it were there own, then there is really only one option. That one option is The New House Company, which is a full-service real estate firm.

The New House Company is not new to the market, the company can claim more than forty years of real estate experience. It is a firm that has served the people of the Charlottesville metropolitan area for a number of years now. The New House Company helps people to, you guessed it, find a new house—whether that means by selling their old one or looking for a new one through their listings.

The realtors and real estate brokers who work with The New House Company are experienced professionals. They are well-qualified and know what they are doing when it comes to handling clients’ properties. They have experience in leasing, sales, and management of real estate—regardless of what neighborhood the property is found in. If you are looking for properties for sale or rent, then you should browse the listings of The New House Company’s website.